Locals, easy-going vibes and plenty of boldness.

Surrender to a full-on individualized treatment and enjoy the wonders of a true local lifestyle – savour it in the gastronomy
and feel it all around you.
Fall for the views and live every second by your own rules of freedom and creativity.

Recharge Bar & Restaurant

Savour Madeira Island’s ancestry and exotic nature. Toast to post-modern times’ irreverence and delight yourself with flavours and cultural manifestations that will tease your senses. Can you feel it already?

Network Bar

This should be interesting. A unique local community, art and culture, work time and leisure time, gaming and arcade, events, networking, sharing and caring, the latest trends and even warm ups with virtual DJs! All available nonstop, 24/7, in a coffee house background with prospects of bold check-ins at the bar.

Cloud Bar

Add more names to your contact list while melting into the urban, vibrant and bold local culture. Since you’re at it, enjoy the latest takes on food and sip on signature cocktails. The views are panoramic, filled with indie, post-modern electro and cool vibes.