This might be the only place where you’re allowed in your comfort zone.

The invitation is for an authentic sensations’ full immersion with a little help from science. Gracefully disconnect where the Laurissilva forest connects with the sea breeze. Customize your well-being in the shape of treatments and moments. It’s both therapeutic and sublime!

Refresh SPA

To wake or to serenate – what should your current mindset be? The Laurissilva forest and the Madeira Island’s sea wrap you up in a physical and mental connection where all your senses light up and come together in the new sensations you have been craving.

For your true forest bath, we combine conscious solutions, science, technology and sustainability in a holistic approach of your body and mind.

NEXT gym

Keep up with your treadmill, elliptical, vertical bikes and row skills so you can fully explore Madeira Island’s true beauty! Afterwards, yoga and pilates will help you relax your muscles and mind, as you catch your breath to venture on your next challenge.

Your mental sanity will thank you later once you test the cutting edge features: Technogym machines, Plurima Wall training multi-station and TRX equipment, among other accessories.